Author Sirajuddin Aziz Sirajuddin

The Custodian of Trust

In Memoriam 1931 – 2017 Mr. Kassim Parekh’s iconic life as a banker began in 1949, when he joined Habib Bank Limited at the age of 18. In a career spanning over six decades, Mr. Parekh rose to the upper echelons of Habib Bank, becoming the President of the bank before leaving in 1988. In […]

By: Sirajuddin Aziz Sirajuddin

The Poetic Banker

Pakistanis generally excel in banking and there is one man who, single handedly, trained generations of bankers. The sometimes unassuming, other times flamboyant, Agha Hasan Abedi, has been the guru to many of today’s senior banking tier. The legendary banking hero was born on May 14, 1922, in Lucknow – the ‘Golden City of the […]

By: Sirajuddin Aziz Sirajuddin