Author Ishrat Husain

Avoiding the Crisis

Stabilisation measures, such as curtailing current account deficit by raising the price of imported goods, can choke off the incipient growth momentum; while increased external borrowing to finance 5 to 6 percent of projected current account deficit would affect debt sustainability.

By: Ishrat Husain

Shrinking Exports

Pakistan’s exports have been sharply declining since 1990 with our share in the global market shrinking and the gap between imports and exports steadily widening. In the same time-frame, our closest competitors, India and Bangladesh, have improved their market share exponentially. The crisis is not related to one particular period, or one particular policy. The […]

By: Ishrat Husain

The next two years

The PML-N came to power three years ago on the platform of the three E’s – Economy, Energy and Education. This article focuses on the midterm assessment of the economy, its challenges and agenda for the next two years. On the economic front, the government compiled a mixed record so far. The economy has stabilised […]

By: Ishrat Husain