Author Ihtashamul Haque

Connecting the Dots

The China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has become the buzzword for Pakistan’s projected economic outlook for the future. To be fair, the approximately $50 billion project has the solid potential of becoming a true game-changer for Pakistan. While $50 billion may not seem like much, in comparison to other major economic projects currently being undertaken […]

By: Ihtashamul Haque

Impending Crisis

One does not have to be an astrologer to predict massive financial troubles looming up for the State in the near future. The indicators are crystal clear. Wholesale sovereign guarantees, being churned out by the government on behalf of the haemorrhaging Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs), are mounting up massive contingent liabilities. These liabilities currently stand […]

By: Ihtashamul Haque