Author Rustam Shah Mohmand

Afghan Imbroglio

The ongoing conflict in Afghanistan has multi-dimensional implications for Pakistan, ranging from an unstable border and continuing terrorism, to a decrease in the volume of bilateral trade, as well as the plight of both refugees and those who returned to Afghanistan. But more ominous consequences loom on the horizon, if peace and normalcy do not […]

By: Rustam Shah Mohmand

Disquiet on the Western Front

Suspicions, some genuine and some unfounded, throughout history have caused irreparable damage in inter-state relations, especially when policies are formulated, or decisions made, on the basis of unverified assumptions or uncorroborated beliefs. A classic case is how Japan was induced into attacking Pearl Harbour in December 1941, in a carefully orchestrated trap, that was designed […]

By: Rustam Shah Mohmand