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Sharif’s Reckless Choices

Even as disqualified premier Nawaz Sharif and his family members face a new, bitter round of legal battles on corruption charges, he appears to be on a collision course with not just the judiciary, but also the armed forces. There is a method behind Sharif’s seemingly reckless decisions of confronting State institutions. He wants to […]

By: Editorial Team

A Pyrrhic Victory

Kulsoom Nawaz’s victory in the by-election for the National Assembly seat number 120 should not surprise supporters or opponents of the House of Sharifs. The constituency comprising old parts of Lahore, including Anarkali, Temple Road, Laxmi Chowk, Nisbat Road, Sant Nagar, Krishan Nagar, Beadon and Hall Roads, is a stronghold of the thrice-elected and thrice-ousted […]

By: Editorial Team

Population Politics

The provisional data of the 6th census, which puts Pakistan’s population at 207.77 million – a jump of 57 percent since the last headcount done in 1998 – has become yet another source of discord and conflict in an already charged and polarised political atmosphere. The loudest and fiercest voices challenging the 2017 census data […]

By: Editorial Team