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A Wish-list

I hope 2018 will be the year when Pakistan embraces a system based on Islamic values and the entire nation unites, shunning all its differences. I also hope and pray that in 2018, the rule of mafias, feudal lords, and the corrupt ends.

Today, status-quo is the biggest obstruction in our path to progress. To be able to challenge this flawed system, we have to create awareness among the masses and tell them how they are being wronged and exploited by the ruling classes. Only then can we hope for a better future. I have a firm belief that only through ballot can we change the fortunes of our people. To make this happen, the Jamaat-e-Islami is devising an aggressive strategy to reach out to the people and seek their support to transform our dream of a ‘clean and green Pakistan’ a reality.

I am often told that it is difficult to unite the people under one banner.

To this, I say that the problems of the common man, across Pakistan, are the same. The common man craves for a better life. It is the right of the people to demand education, healthcare and employment from the state. But sadly, those running the show seldom care about what the people want. The ruling class is united in its ambitions to protect the status quo and its corruption.

    We want to break that wheel of corruption and exploitation and expose all those turncoats, who switch sides to stay in power and advance their narrow self-interest.

The Supreme Court’s judgement on Panama Papers last year was a historic moment in our history as for the first time a powerful figure was disqualified from holding public office on corruption charges.

The culture of a few families running the show should end. For far too long, the poor have been at the mercy of the rich. We will only be able to progress if we get rid of corruption – both financial and moral.

Moreover, there is a dire need to create a competitive system of education. Our current educational system is counterproductive as it is divided between the rich and the poor. The Jamaat-e-Islami believes that education should be free and the same for all. Our children should study the same curriculum in whatever part of the country they live. It should be the responsibility of the state to ensure that no child is deprived of education. After defence, our maximum budget spending should be on education.